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Breast Micro Pigmentation

Understanding Breast Micro-Pigmentation

Those who have undergone reconstructive breast surgery or other breast surgery can choose to have medical micro-pigmentation otherwise known as cosmetic tattooing. Micro-pigmentation, when done correctly, can restore the aesthetic appearance of the breast and the confidence of the individual. A hyper-realistic effect is created using highlights and shadows with pigments that mimic the natural features and coloring of the areola and nipple complex.

Positive Results That Change Lives

Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction – A realistic and natural looking areola and nipple complex can be created to complete the healed mastectomy procedure. A three dimensional, multi-tonal tattoo is used to create the perception of depth. Some patients prefer not to have surgical nipple reconstruction and will opt for a 3D Areola Nipple Complex Tattoo. Patients can now decide what color and size they would like to be. In the case of a unilateral mastectomy the areola and nipple complex is matched to the adjacent breast. For patients who have chosen to have nipple reconstruction, a dimensional effect is used to re-pigment the new nipple and to create the surrounding areola complex.

Lumpectomy Scars -For most patients, lumpectomy scars may not need tattooing, however for those who desire to have a less noticeable scar, micro-pigmentation can be performed to reduce the imperfection. This technique works for scars lighter than the surrounding skin.

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Scars – Skin camouflaging pigments are blended to reduce the skin color indifferences. This treatment is also beneficial to camouflage scars from Breast Lifts, Reductions, Augmentations, Gynecomastia’s, and other surgical breast scars.

Color Imbalances – Aging and genetics may play a role in fading color or shape changes and asymmetries of the breast. Cosmetic Tattooing can rebalance the areola to create more symmetry or consistency in color.

What is the “Gift of Hope”?

When available, our Gift of Hope is a temporary tattoo that can be worn to get an idea of what the breast area will look like when reconstructed at Dermagrafix.

Why Choose Dermagrafix?

Micro-pigmentation Artist, Valerie Weber, is a well-rounded technician who specializes in medical camouflaging for scars and breast work. For over 15 years, Valerie has worked with plastic surgeons and other physicians in the surrounding area to provide these specialized services. Today Dermagrafix is referred to by over twenty area physicians and surgeons and is highly regarded as a leader in the industry. With a skillful hand Valerie can create the most natural looking enhancement customized for your unique breast shape.

Dermagrafix offers free consultations for breast cancer survivors. Your visit will also include our “Gift of Hope” as a thank you for visiting us.

We do not accept insurance at this time; however, we will work with your health insurance provider to seek out reimbursement for your treatments.