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Dermagrafix is proud to offer the latest advances in follicle replication pigmentation otherwise known as Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP). Scalp Micropigmentation is proven to be a safe and effective hair loss solution for both men and women of all ages and ethnicities. This unique and revolutionary non-surgical treatment camouflages thinning, bald, or scarred areas of the scalp by adding precise hair follicle replicas to the scalp.

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A natural-looking shaven style or a dense background to natural hair strands is the finished result that last for years. Those who are not good candidates for hair transplant procedures may opt for SMP to camouflage or supplement their hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is a ground breaking solution for those who suffer from alopecia, male or female patterned baldness, thyroid related hair loss, and scar concealment from a surgery or trauma.



Tricopigmentation is similar process to SMP where the practitioner recreates the look of the natural hair follicle by placing pigment in the skin. It too resembles a shaven hair follicle or can add color behind longer strands of existing hair. The main difference between Tricopigmentation (Trico) and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) are the pigments that are used. The Tricopigmentation process uses a special pigment known as a hydrophilic pigment. These organic and in-organic pigments are encapsulated to keep a very crisp impression in the skin but will break down within two to three years time. If a temporary hair loss solution is desired Trico might be the better option, however, pigment can linger in the skin in some individuals. Here at Dermagrafix we use only the best for our Tricopigmentation procedures and we are proud to list Beauty Medical, Int. as our exclusive Triopigmentation supplier.

Which Option is best for me?

The best way to make your decision is to talk with one of our Scalp Pigmentation specialists who can give answers to your specific questions. In most cases a more permanent option is desired since it is more cost effective.

Who benefits from having SMP or Trico?

Dermagrafix’s exclusive Scalp Micropigmetnation or Tricopigmentation procedures simulate natural looking hair follicles to restore the appearance of shaven or longer hair follicles. The pigmented impressions our specialist’s apply to your scalp are designed to integrate and blend into your natural hair pattern giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair. These procedures cost much less than surgical options for hair loss and often more successful for the client.

  • Genetic hair loss in both Men and Women
  • Scar Concealment
  • Various types of Alopecia
  • Those who have had or planning to have surgical hair restoration or hair transplant
  • Those who are no longer candidates for surgical hair restoration
  • Removal or retirement of prosthetic hair systems or wigs

What can I expect?

When you meet with one our talented professionals you will gain a wealth of information that revolves around your specific needs. Our professionals will answer your questions and show examples of similar cases to help you gain the most relevant information in which to decide if our services are a good fit for you. A treatment plan will be discussed based on your health information, hair loss condition, and of course your expectations. Each treatment is customized from color selection to shaping of your hair line and style preferences. It is essential the hair style fits for the procedure you wish to have done. A hair style change may be suggested in order to achieve a seamless result. Generally each client will need anywhere from two to five sessions that take about two to four hours per session. In most cases recovery is very quick with most clients experiencing mild redness that usually subsides within hours. Areas where the skin has been previously injured such as a scar can experience redness for up to three days. Density is built with each session for a natural progression to the final result. Over a three to five year time the pigmented impressions will fade and will need a color boost. Our high quality pigments are designed to fade gracefully without unnatural undertones. Our process is versatile, therefore practitioner can adjust your color to blend with the color of your hair and hair loss pattern should it change with age. Procedure costs will range based on the size of the area and number of sessions. We also offer financing if needed by our preferred lender.

Should I get a patch test?

Pigments are organic-based and meet FDA and EU guidelines for safety. For an additional fee clients may opt for a patch test to see how your healed result may look. In the USA technicians are not able to determine the out come of a patch test in terms of allergies. Therefore our patch tests do not test for allergic reactions.

Why Choose Dermagrafix?

Valerie Weber has been practicing medical micro pigmentation and scalp pigmentation since 2001. Valerie researches top providers to be the educators for our elite team of practitioners. Our elite specialists have trained with one or more of the best trainers in the world including: Milena Lardi founder of Beauty Medical, Italy, Joe Taylor founder of Scalp Logic in California, and Brandwood Clinic in Solihull, UK. Valerie is highly regarded for her attention to detail and quality. Her practice has long been camouflaging hair loss and scarring for cancer patients, surgical patients, and patients who experience hair loss from genetic inheritance, chemotherapy, Alopecia, and Trichotillomania. Valerie has high standards for her staff as well as herself. She and her staff are Guru Certified, SPCP, AAM, CPCP certified and keep up on regular continuing education to stay on top of this competitive industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with the absolute best outcome for a better quality of life and to make clients for life.

Hairline Restoration

Suitable for those with traction loss confided to the front hairline online.

Density Effect

Perfect for women or men with longer hair who have traction loss anywhere on their scalp or want to supplement thinning hair.

Shaved Effect

Shaved Effect

The most popular choice for those with severe hair loss, wet shaver, or those with scarring to conceal.

Scar Concealment

Scar Concealment

Precise hair follicle replicas are carefully placed within the screen to match the natural surrounding follicles.