Here are some of the frequently asked questions when considering cosmetic tattooing. More detailed procedure prep information will be discussed during your consultation as it specifically pertains to you. Prior to getting any cosmetic tattoo or treatment with us it is essential to have a personalized consultation with your expert to ensure accurate expectations and preparedness.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Candidacy is based on factors that involve skin type, skin texture, previous tattoo work in that area, ability to heal, medications, medical conditions, or others. We will ask you to complete a health questionnaire prior to your consultation in order to better discuss your specific concerns. In some cases, medical clearance may be needed. The discontinuation of any drug or supplement is NOT suggested or implied and any desire to do so must be discussed with your prescribing physician or medical professional. No exceptions! Please notify your Artist of any change in medications or health since your last visit.

For the safety of your health and outcome Dermagrafix will NOT perform procedures on:

  • Pregnant or lactating women and for 3 months post pregnancy.
      • Anyone under the age of 18. Photo ID is required for all guests for age and photo identity verification.
      • Eyeliner on those with Macular Degeneration, skin lesions or obstructions,
      • Those taking certain medications that thin the blood such as Coumadin, Lovenox, and prescription or over the counter (OTC) NSAIDS.
      • Those taking OTC omega three supplements.
      • Blood clotting disorders or hemophilia.
      • Skin moles, skin lesions, infections, during a herpetic outbreak, or inflammatory response anywhere on the area or nearby surroundings. Please CALL immediately if any of these issues should arise in the days prior to your treatment.
      • Those taking antibiotics or oral steroids. Please do not show up to your appointment without notifying your Artist.
      • Those who have had recent sun exposure to the area of concern.
      • Those who are prone to keloid scarring. Hypertrophic scarring is fine, however.
Do I Need To Consult My Healthcare Provider?

We will require medical clearance to state that you are healthy enough to get a cosmetic tattoo procedure for the conditions listed below. While tattooing is considered safe the process of breaking the skin barrier may have a temporary effect on your immune system much like any other injury would. Those with a lowered immune system should always consult their health care provider when considering breaking the skin in a treatment such as tattooing.

Those undergoing chemotherapy. A wait period of 12 weeks accompanied by medical clearance is needed.

      • Those who have had recent surgery. A wait period of 12 weeks accompanied by medical clearance is needed. A wait period of 9 months is required for SMP treatments to recent hair transplantation surgeries.
      • Inflammatory Alopecia
      • Diabetes
      • Blood disorders
      • Healing disorders
      • Endocrine, liver or kidney disorders
      • Questions regarding medications or supplements I take.
Is Cosmetic Tattooing Painful?

With each cosmetic facial tattoo we pre-numb and benumb during the treatment for your comfort. We have found that procedure preparation is a key factor directly related to a person’s comfort level AS WELL AS the final outcome. When clients communicate with their Artist and follow the suggested protocol, the experience is a positive one. Once finished, you might feel swollen or a bit sore. We’ll have you regenerate in our mood-lit Relaxation Room, surrounded by calming aromatherapy with a soothing cold pack for a short period after your treatment. That’s all it takes for your skin to feel calm and happy again.


      To minimize discomfort:  

  • We suggest to plan your tattoo when not on or expecting your menstrual cycle. 
  • Avoid NSAIDS and Omega three supplements- typically 7 days pre and post-treatment. (Seek healthcare guidance pertaining to your health & safety)
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages (48 hours prior)
  • Avoid exercise the morning of your treatment.
  • Limit coffee intake to less than 4 oz. the morning of your treatment.
  • Observe the appropriate amount of time after a surgery or laser treatment near your tattoo site. 
  • Ensure there are no infections or skin irritations present.
Can I Get More Than One Treatment In The Same Session?

Sure! This is something you’ll want to plan for to ensure your experience is an easy one. You’ll want to be prepared for each procedure, plan enough time to be with us at the studio (including parking), and adding one extra day of heal time to your calendar. There may be specific instructions for the particular treatments you will be getting so be sure to discuss the possibilities with your Artist.

When Should I Schedule My Cosmetic Tattoo If I Get Other Cosmetic Treatments? (ex: Fillers, Botox, Laser etc.)

Those who have had recent cosmetic injections to the facial area (for face and scalp procedures). A 21 day wait period is necessary to allow settling. This wait period helps for a more positive outcome in terms of symmetry.

It is a good idea to wait for your injections to settle so they are not displaced during the tattoo treatment before they have had a chance to settle.

Lips- We suggest having lips filled after cosmetic tattooing for the best symmetrical outcome. We love the combination of both tattooing and lip filler!

We prefer to wait a minimum of six weeks after any facial laser resurfacing treatment or deep chemical peel. We may also suggest a melanin suppressant. Low-level exfoliating  peels only need to wait two weeks.

How Long Can I Expect My Eyebrow, Eyeliner Or Lip Tattoo Treatment To Last?

Tattoos fade from several factors including: sun exposure, topical skin care products s/a Retinol, hydroxy acids etc, medications for thyroid, iron-deficiencies, unique metabolic activity, and the type of treatment performed. For example a soft and subtle eyebrow treatment will not last as long as one packed with color. Softer techniques look more natural but also need more maintenance in terms of touchup. We do not give time frames on tattoos due to the many factors and uniqueness to each hand crated technique.

We suggest touch-up applications anywhere from 1 to 3 years before a complete re-do is needed. We classify touch-ups as faded color that has a neutral undertone. If the color shows imbalanced tones (pinks, grays, etc)  there are other factors that are contributing to this fading and a single touchup may not be enough to redirect the color back to the original application. In this case two sessions may be needed.

How Long Can I Expect My SMP Treatment To Last?

Tattoos fade from several factors including: sun exposure, topical hair care and skin care products used, products containing alcohol, hydroxy acids, steroids, retinol etc, medications for thyroid, iron-deficiencies, unique metabolic activity, and the type of treatment performed. For example a soft and subtle first time treatment may fade a bit quicker than a touchup since a touch-up involves layering over existing pigment. We do not give time frames on tattoos due to the many factors and uniqueness to each hand created technique. We suggest SMP touchups about two to five years apart.

Do I Get To See The Design Before Its Tattooed?

We draw all of our techniques on beforehand except certain eyeliner techniques where we follow the lash line. We want you to be happy with the eyebrow, art liner, lip color, hairline, or areola we are creating for you. A drawing will depict the size, placement, and curvature but it does not mimic the exact color, texture, or minute details within the tattoo itself. There is a measure of trust when working with your artist in order to come up with a design that works. As professionals, we want to guide you in the right direction. The vast majority of the time we are able to come to a design that both the Artist and client agree upon. 

To ensure you are happy with the shape, design, and over all color (even if not exact) you will have several opportunities to see your design and make adjustments. If you have any reservations about the tattoo you are getting it is your responsibility to inform your artist so the changes can be made PRIOR to approving your design and going forward. Once you agree on the design you will be photographed with your stencil and a “thumbs up” next to your design indicating you “APPROVE”. We want clients to take part in the design and ultimately make the decision to whether or not to move forward rather than feel they need to wear something they will never like. Keep in mind, a professional artist will and should make suggestions for design. If you are not comfortable with the possibility of professional suggestions that may differ from what you typically wear, you may not be ready for tattooing. These concerns could be discussed in your consultation.

When Can I Go Back To Work After My SMP Treatment?

SMP is a very easy procedure in terms of discomfort and for healing in most cases. Typically, a short period of flushes can be seen on shaved heads, while density treatments tend to see not flushness at all. Scars will present with a bit more irritation including mild swelling and a bit of redness immediately surrounding the scar for about two days. 

There are typically no scabs or dead skin shedding and in most cases clients are free to go back to work as long as it doesn’t involve direct sun exposure, excessive sweating, or biohazard work environments for two days. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need For My SMP Treatment?

The degree of your hair loss is ultimately what will determine how many sessions you will need in order to achieve the proper outcome. “Proper outcome” will be determined together as we will discuss goals and how to get there.  With an area so visible to others, our experts will not stop short our pre-determined goals.  We want you to begin and finish your treatment in a timely fashion, so you get the results you came here to achieve. 

The least amount of sessions would be two and the maximum could be seven or eight (in extreme cases such as alopecia) and the average lies somewhere between three and four. We have tons of experience in these applications and our estimations are usually accurate.

Can I Still Get A Hair Transplant After SMP?

Absolutely! If you feel a surgical option is your best option to combat your hair loss SMP will not impede you to do so. We can also perform SMP after HT surgery assuming the skin is fully healed and in good condition. Unfortunately, there are times when too many surgical treatments have been performed leaving the client with unhealthy tissue unsuitable for tattooing. Research your options and just be sure surgery is right for you.

How Much Of My Hair Transplant Scar Can You Realistically Hide?

Generally speaking most average scars we are able to attain an 80% improvement. Scars are unable to be hidden entirely, although in some cases we see results that go above and beyond our expected outcome. This is the exception, not a rule yet we do aim for better results than anticipated. 

Do You Offer Financing Or Offer Payment Plans?

We offer convenient options for payment for both services and training courses. For service amounts under $1500 you may opt for zero percent financing through Vagaro Pay Later. Small payments can be deducted from your bank account over a six week period. To apply, book a service and select the Pay Later option in your Vagaro account. For larger amounts over $1500, we offer APR financing through United Credit. To apply go here.

Do You Have A Referral Program?

Yes, we do! We love referrals and feel it is the best way for others to catch a glimpse of what we can do for them too. Refer a client who purchases and completes a new procedure and you’ll get a $25 credit to use towards any future service.

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