Scalp Micropigmentation & Long Hair

smp for those with longer hair

Not every client who chooses scalp micropigmentation to cover their hair loss wants to shave their hair. Often, people would much prefer to keep their hair at a longer length, and for some, it’s the difference between having a scalp micropigmentation treatment or choosing not to.

If any of the following circumstances apply, you may be a suitable candidate for a density-filling SMP treatment:

  • You’re a female client who would not suit a shaven look
  • You have a significant amount of hair remaining
  • You’re a hair transplant patient who wants to keep their hair, and you may have scars you’d rather keep covered up
  • You have alopecia, and an effective camouflage can be achieved by combining scalp micropigmentation with your remaining hair

We want all our clients to have the very best treatment experience. Our reputation as one of the leading micropigmentation centers in the United States is built upon a policy of always being honest with our clients.

For this reason it is imperative that we carry out a thorough assessment of your current hair loss situation, so we can ascertain whether or not this option is available to you. If we can perform your treatment in this way, then of course we will, however if this is not an option for you then we can discuss alternative approaches.

How Does this Option Work?

As you progressively lose your hair, it becomes noticeable because a contrast develops between the appearance of your hair and that of your scalp. Our scalp micropigmentation treatments for longer hair are tailored to address this difference in appearance.

We use specialized hair follicle tattooing techniques to replicate the appearance of micro hairs on the scalp. These replications fill the areas of your scalp where hair loss is visible, reducing the contrast between your scalp skin and your hair. The end result is an illusion of thicker, fuller hair. 

Specialist pigment is applied to the scalp over 2-4 sessions, depending on your individual needs. Each session generally takes 1-3 hours to complete, and there is minimal recovery time.

When we plan your sessions, we select the most appropriate pigment color and shade for your skin and hair type for the most natural results, and we provide full aftercare guidance to ensure you get the very best from your treatment experience with us.

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