Scalp Micropigmentation For Women

hair loss solutions for our female clients

We provide world class scalp micropigmentation treatments for women of all ages who are experiencing thinning hair.

Millions of women notice abnormal hair loss at some point in their lives, and this happens for a wide range of different reasons. Common causes include stress, hormonal changes, postpartum hair loss, drug-induced hair loss and many forms of alopecia. Although losing hair can be distressing for everyone, women are often especially anxious because their hair is a huge part of their identity, and they don’t usually have the option to just shave it off like men do.

It is important to establish what is causing your hair loss in the first place, so we sometimes ask our female clients to seek professional medical advice prior to treatment taking place. See our FAQ’s for more information on this.

Assuming there are no contraindications (medical reasons why treatment cannot proceed), we tailor a specific treatment plan for your needs and wants. If, for example, we believe your hair loss is likely to be a short term problem, we would make different recommendations than if it appears your hair loss could be an ongoing issue for you.


Your thinning hair becomes noticeable because as you lose more density, your scalp becomes more visible through your hair. This is because your scalp and your hair are usually different colors and textures, so the difference is relatively easy to spot, especially if your hair loss is more advanced.

Scalp micropigmentation is the application of specialized pigment into the upper dermis of the skin, using a finely tuned tattooing technique to replicate tiny micro hairs on the scalp. These hair replications are applied over 2-4 treatment sessions, and combine to reduce the contrast between your hair and your scalp. The result is a thicker looking head of hair, with hair loss being much less noticeable.

Each treatment session typically lasts for 2-4 hours and is relatively painless. When your treatment with Dermagrafix is complete, you will need to return to the clinic for top-up sessions every 2-3 years, assuming your hair loss is still prevalent.

An assessment will be required prior to booking your treatment sessions. For your convenience, if you are unable to attend our clinic, we can conduct your assessment remotely using your supplied photographs. Any subsequent assessments after your treatment, often to decide whether or not a top-up session is due, can also be completed remotely if required.

For more information please contact our team.

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