Tattoo Removal

we are proud to offer pigment lightening through lift

If your tattoo has you feeling embarrassed or regretful perhaps you are considering having it removed. LiFT is a safe and highly effective pigment lightening solution that can tackle any pigment color on any skin color. LiFT is unique to other methods in that it uses a specialized formula of saline, salt and fruit extracts. When applied under the skin it lifts pigment out of the underlying tissues through a process known as Osmosis. Most of the pigment will be released in the following days through an external scab, however, some of the particles will be absorbed and irradiated throughout the body’s immune system. LiFT is safe enough to remove areas as delicate as the eye, lip, and eyebrow areas but powerful enough to remove stubborn colors not removed by laser and everything in between. Since LiFT uses osmosis rather than laser force it is also effective on all skin types including dark skin types which can be difficult for some lasers. In most cases, no scar tissue is left, and the skin appears to be healthy and can be tattooed again if desired.

There are several methods for lightening or removing a tattoo. Tattoos are intended to be permanent, however, removal or lightening is optimistic. The different methods of tattoo removal are effective in their own ways. We suggest laser for very large bodily areas such as a half sleeve of larger. While LiFT is extremely effective it is also done by hand making it harder to complete something as large as a half sleeve. LiFT is capable of delivering precise removal to exact areas which is great for those needing only partial removal without causing harm to the surrounding tattoo.

The number of LiFT treatments you’ll need will be based on your specific tattoo. Some of the information we use to assess how long it will take to remove may include: how many times was the area tattooed, how old is the tattoo, or was body art pigment or cosmetic pigment used. The LiFT removal process is very similar to the tattoo application process. LiFT lightens the tattoo several degrees during each session until the desired result is achieved. Sessions should be scheduled a minimum of eight to ten weeks apart to allow for proper healing. 


How is the procedure done?

The processes begin with a bit of anesthetic to keep you comfortable. The process of applying the solution can be as little as ten to forty minutes depending on the size of your tattoo. A crust will form after 5-10 days. The crust will then detach to reveal the results. The new skin will appear somewhat red / pink for a few weeks but will resume to normal when the dermis is fully healed. It is important to follow through with all of your recommended sessions to obtain the degree of removal you discussed with your technician. The treatment can be repeated 4-8 weeks apart until the desired result is achieved.

what does it feel like?

In most cases clients who have had facial area removal say they feel a burning sensation that goes away after several minutes. Additional anesthetic can be used if needed. Topical anesthetic can be used if requested. Clients who have had bodily removal report little to no feeling related to discomfort and overall is a very tolerable treatment. 

what does it cost?

Removal usually costs more than the initial tattoo. We determine how long each session will take based on the size, age, density of the tattoo and a few other factors. Based on the information we gather from you during an in-person analysis of the tattooed skin, we can estimate the number of sessions needed. Your tattoo removal package will be customized specifically for your tattoo and your goals. 

how many procedures will i need to obtain removal?

Some clients may only need to lighten their tattoo enough to have a coverup tattoo placed on top whereas others seek total removal. It is important that the practitioner has as much information about the tattoo you want removed or lightened as possible. Different pigments and techniques used by the original artist can greatly affect the removal outcome. It is also important to share how many times the tattoo has been retouched, or if it was previously covered by another tattoo. Your technician can give an estimate based on your specific tattoo and goals.

what does the aftercare consist of?

During periods of water contact, such as showering or swimming, a waterproof bandage must be worn. If the wound is located where nothing is rubbing against it, the bandage should be removed, and the wound kept dry for the remainder of the healing period. If the removal site is on the body or feet it is best to wear non-restrictive clothing and shoes until the crusts are gone. Once the crust has fallen off, a healing skin cream and sunscreen should be worn twice daily to protect the new skin.

how long will it take to achieve results?

Removal is a process that you need to commit to, and it takes time and patience. With each session results will build, however, large or saturated tattooed can take nine months or more to achieve full potential if you consider the sessions are spaced 8 weeks apart. An average eyebrow correction for both brows typically takes three to four sessions as an example. Bodily areas may need more considering size and saturation. We can only provide estimates based on theoretical information. Actual timeframes and results will vary based on how your body complies with the process. 


Procedure Time

1 hour

Sensitivity Period

12 - 18 hours

No. of Treatments



Fades with each session

Results Duration


Potential Side Effects

Bruising, sensitivity, redness

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