Advanced Lip Technique Workshop

One Day Advanced Lip Blush Workshop

8 HRS $1799

This class is for machine-experienced PMU artists only who want to add to their menu of services. Our lip blushing techniques are designed to create soft, watercolor like results. 

You will learn:

Theory, candidacy, needles and color choices for lips, lip design and stenciling, anesthetic options, technique on practice pads, stretching techniques, and aftercare. Includes course manual, practice kit and certificate.

Day 2:

Optional live model practice will take place on day two + $499.

Simple three step enrollment process

Step 1: Complete Enrollment Form

Step 2: Check your email and complete payment for your enrollment.

Step 3: Complete pre-class assignments (if any) that were  sent ahead of time.

Special Offers

  1. Bundle any two advanced classes together and save $300 (Add checkout code)
  2. Supervised live model experienced (add-on) + $499 (can be added to any live advanced class)
  3. Machine, battery pack, and extra practice supplies $279