Advanced WhipLash Liner Class


8 HRS / $1599

This class is for machine-experienced PMU artists and experienced with eyeliner techniques, specifically. This technique can be soft enough to simply enhance the lash line or bold and defined with a gradient shadow. 

You Will Learn

Theory, candidacy, stenciling your line work for precision, needles and color options suitable for this particular tattoo style, stretching techniques and aftercare. Includes course manual, practice kit and certificate.

Day 2:

Optional live model practice will take place on day two + $499.

Simple three step enrollment process

Step 1: Complete Enrollment Form

Step 2: Check your email and complete payment for your enrollment.

Step 3: Complete pre-class assignments (if any) that were  sent ahead of time.

Special Offers

  1. Bundle any two advanced classes together and save $300 (Add checkout code)
  2. Supervised live model experienced (add-on) + $499 (can be added to any live advanced class)
  3. Machine, battery pack, and extra practice supplies $279