Treatment Care

Preparing for your Treatment

We know the impact of proper preparation.

For each procedure type we offer we have created pre-procedure compliance instructions designed for optimum healing, exceptional color retention, as well as a professional and comfortable experience. During your consultation, your Artist will discuss your specific treatment preparations and make sure you have a helpful digital informational packet to refer to. It is important to remember that the treatment you are receiving is a real tattoo. There is nothing about a cosmetic tattoo treatment that is semi-permanent and is in fact a body-modification service that breaks the skin barrier. The end result can absolutely be compromised by improper healing, poor aftercare or failure to disclose information that is requested as part of treatment planning. See our Policies page for all detailed policies.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Take proper care of your tattoo. If you do not take care of your tattoo and you experience color loss or scarring it is likely you will need an additional session which is not included. Please follow the care that has been carefully created for your tattoo.
  • Cancel with a minimum of 7 days notice. We send appointment reminders 72 hours in advance. If you change your email or phone you will need to contact us to update your records or you can go online to and update your client profile. Strict cancellation policies will be enforced for cancellations, no show’s, and send always due to procedure non-compliance. If you have a medical emergency please provide documentation so we can reschedule you.
  • Plan for appointment delays or overages. Appointment times are estimated and while we do our best to run on time the procedure previous to yours may run over or your procedure may run over. We abide by safety standards and at no time will we trump the result or safety of another guest for the sake of time. We ask your understanding if these circumstances should effect your appointment.
  • Arrive prepared and on time for your treatment. We realize that we may run behind from another session, however, we will never run the entire day behind for a person who is late. We allow a strict 15 minute grace period. Strict cancellation policies will be enforced if you are sent home due to procedure non-compliance.
  • Research any drug or supplements you are taking that might cause bleeding, bruising, thinning of the skin, swelling, higher risk of infection, or complications with healing. If you choose to not disclose this information you may experience potentially irreversible consequences as to the outcome of your tattoo which we will not be liable for.
  • Seek medical advice, written medical clearance or prescriptions filled if needed to move forward. If you have any medical related concerns about getting a cosmetic tattoo please consult with your health care provider. It is your responsibility to know the status of your health in terms of pregnancy, or attempting to become pregnant, the condition of your skin including infections, suspicious skin lesions near the area where the tattoo may be or anywhere the artist may need to TOUCH when applying the treatment. We reserve the right to refuse service in suspicious circumstances.
  • Keep minors at home. Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted by law even with adult supervision. We will make no exceptions on this policy due to liability and safety reasons.

Communicate with your guest. If a guest is to accompany you they are welcome to use our complementary WiFi in our waiting area. At no time will guests be permitted in the treatment rooms or relaxation recovery area.

SMP Pre-Care

Aftercare Videos

Below are a number of videos related to the care needed for treatments after the procedures. Please contact your professional in relation to which video you will need to use for your own treatment.

Eyebrow Aftercare

Eyeliner Aftercare

Lip Aftercare

Tattoo Removal

SMP Aftercare

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