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Permanent Cosmetics


Reduced rate permanent cosmetics can be yours!

You can have the option to have your procedure performed by a Technician in Training at a greatly reduced rate. In our classroom we use the same quality pigments, anesthetics, and equipment that we do in our professional studio. All procedure supplies are sterile and new for each client. Only one procedure is performed at a time under the direct supervision of our certified, master instructor, Valerie Weber. Fees are reduced to expedite a quick booking for the needs of the student not for inferior work. Touchups will be needed as it is for any new cosmetic tattoo that we offer, and is a vital part of the students training.

Technicians undergo a great deal of training prior to working on models. Technicians must graduate from basic training prior before procedure opportunities are granted. Dermagrafix only accepts medical professionals, cosmetology professionals, artists, or tattoo professionals to take part in our educational programs. We believe that each Technician in Training should have a thorough background in one of the areas mentioned to have a full bodied foundation of which to start cosmetic tattooing.

  • Basic Level Student Performed Procedures: (Fees cover sterile supplies, protective gear, anesthetic, & complete tray set up, for each session)
  • Basic Eyebrow Application $125 / per session
  • Slim-line Eyeliner $125  / per session
  • Eyelash Enhancement $125  / per session
  • Soft Lip Liner $110 (anti-viral required)  / per session
  • Touch-ups $110  / per session


Advance technique classes are also available on a very limited basis and are performed by graduates who have been in practice for at least one year.

Advanced technician procedures: (Fees cover sterile supplies, protective gear, anesthetic, & complete tray set up, for each session. Prices are slightly more due to extra supplies for advanced techniques)

  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows $200 / per session
  • Bold Eyeliners $200 / per session
  • Full Lip Color $200  / per session
  • Lip Blending $200  / per session
  • Tattoo Removal $200  / per session
  • Corrective work $200  / per session

When you desire to become a model for permanent cosmetics please contact our office to be placed on a waiting list of availability. You will be contacted when a Technician in Training is available for your procedure. We ask models to consider their importance of their role and commitment to the technicians training.

Procedures performed by our Technicians can be seen here.