Become a Model for a cosmetic tattoo artist

Models Wanted

Once you apply to be a model, you will be contacted when a Technician in Training is available for your procedure. We ask models to consider the importance of their role and commitment to the technicians training.

*Available only in our Doylestown location, at this time.

A Few Things to Know Before Applying to Be a Dermagrafix Model:
Instructor, Valerie Weber, is a very experienced instructor who holds the CPCP certification and is an SPCP lifetime trainer member. These accolades project Valerie’s training ethics, and validate Valerie’s adherence to some of the highest industry standards. Having taught hundreds of students and performed over 25,000 procedures in her twenty professional years, Valerie has devoted much of her career to training others. Safety is one of our top priorities as is student technique and respect for the well-being of others. We want you to know, Valerie is always on high alert in the classroom setting to ensure all aspects are operating properly and to give models peace of mind. Trainer assistants are also experienced artists who have trained under Valerie. Their training role is to facilitate consistency and safety standards within the procedural and classroom settings. If you plan to be a model at Dermagrafix you will be in great hands. 
  1. Please do not enlist to be a model if you are uncertain of your availability or hesitant to get tattooed. Bookings for classes are only on specific dates and specific times. Students will not be able to graduate their class if they are missing having completed their model. Keep in mind, many students have traveled over state lines and even internationally to train with us. Having to return could cost the student thousands of dollars in travel expenses from the result of an unreliable model. Please be mindful of your commitment.
  2. PMU students perform basic Nanofill and Powderfill eyebrow techniques, slim liner, lash enhancement or standard eyeliner techniques in our Fundamental PMU classes. In our SMP classes, students learn the basics of density, in longer hair styles and shaven effects including hairline reconstruction, and basic scalp scar concealment. 
  3. Advanced techniques are only reserved for advanced level students in advanced classes.
  4. Students work under the direct supervision of our Master Instructor, Valerie Weber, CPCP. Some portions of the procedure may overlap into another procedure, however, the “tattoo portion” of the procedure is done one student at a time.
  5. You may experience time delays as students are becoming accustomed to their new skill. We’d rather not rush them, as I’m sure you’d agree. We estimate your visit with us to be about two hours but we recommend giving yourself a generous time cushion of an added hour just in case.
  6. Parking when visiting with us. Metered spots max out at three hours. If your meter expires during your procedure, you’ll want the convenience of extending your time and not getting a ticket (you won’t be able to exit the building once the procedure has started). Download the ParkMobile app and be prepared prior to your arrival for a stress-free experience.
  7. Additional sessions are not required, however, in order to get the best results, we strongly advise a second session, called a completion session. As a model you have two options for your second session: You may get your completion session in our professional studio at our normal rate of $350-400 for one session with a Pro Artist. This option will allow you to get your result faster and extend the longevity of your tattoo. You may opt to wait until the next class date and pay another model fee. The next class may not be for six months or more and may be cancelled if seats are not sold. In this case models wait until the next available class is confirmed.
We hope this information helps you to form realistic expectations and to have a great experience. We have many systems and safety practices in place to ensure a good outcome and after over a dozen years of training it has served us well. We look forward to having you visit with us and our proud students!
What Might Prevent You From Being a Candidate:
Poor Candidacy Considerations: 
If you have any of the following or additional concerns please consult with your healthcare provider before moving forward:
  1. Females: Pregnancy or Breastfeeding.
  2. Previous PMU or SMP in the area to be considered, unless you are a previous model returning for a touch-up or tattoo removal model.
  3. Laser tattoo removal on the area to be considered within the last 6 months.
  4. Hemophilia, blot clotting disorders or congenital heart failure, shunt or pacemaker recipients.
  5. Diabetes.
  6. Certain diseases of the eye: macular degeneration, glaucoma, herpes zoster, and others (pertains to eyeliner only). 
  7. Other candidacy requirements may apply in regard to your safety and outcome, but these are too specific to ask on the phone. 
  8. Funds for sessions with a DG professional artist or booked service are not transferable to student sessions and vice versa.
  9. Failure to follow pre-care instructions or no-showing a previous model booking.
Student Procedure Options Available by Category:
Fundamental Level Student Performed Procedures: (Fees cover sterile supplies, protective gear, professional design, anesthetic, & complete tray set up and an aftercare kit). Additional sessions can be booked with another future class (same fees apply), or with one of our Pro Artists (rates $350-450 / session).
  • Basic Eyebrow Application $149 / per student session
  • Slim-line Eyeliner $149  / per student session
  • Eyelash Enhancement $149  / per student session
Advanced technique classes are also available on a very limited basis and are performed by graduates who have been in practice for at least one year. Advanced technician procedures: ((Fees cover sterile supplies, protective gear, professional design, anesthetic, & complete tray set up and an aftercare kit). Additional sessions can be booked with another future class (same fees apply), or with one of our Pro Artists (rates $350-450 / session).Prices are slightly more due to extra supplies for advanced techniques).
  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows $200 / per student session
  • Bold or Artistic Eyeliners $200 / per student session
  • Lip Treatments $200  / per student session
  • Tattoo Removal $100-200  / per student session, depending on size
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Sessions (We do not recommend student model spots for clients with full head hair loss including Alopecia, hair transplant recipients, or those with extensive scarring). Remaining sessions can be booked with one of our Pro Artists, contact us for rates.
  • Basic Scar Concealment $300- $400 / per student session, depending on size or quantity
  • Half-head density treatment $300-500 / student session, depending on size
  • Shaven head, half-head including hairline reconstruction $350 – 550/ student session, depending on size

Apply to be a Dermagrafix model in 4 steps:

  1. Complete the “Health Questionnaire” form. Be sure to indicate which procedure(s) you want to have done. Please also list medications, supplements, and vitamins. There is no need to email your form to us, we automatically will receive it.
  2. Send us three, crystal clear images of your face (for PMU) OR for (SMP), the top, back and sides of your head in natural lighting. We will review the information to see if you are a good fit for a trainee procedure. Please allow three to five business days for our email reply with next step instructions if you are a good fit. Please keep in mind, you may be perfectly fine to get a procedure done, but simply not ideal for a training scenario due to time restraints or student skill level. We will contact you with other options if we feel a student scenario is not ideal.
  3. Complete remaining forms ASAP to get booked. (Model and COVID consentsPre-Treatment Compliance, Price Quote upon receipt).
  4. Payment of Model Fees is due at the time of reservation and is non-refundable for any reason. We will send you a digital invoice. Available time slots are on a first-response, first-pay basis and we cannot hold time slots without payment! We will not book you as a model until you complete all of the steps including the added forms in step three. As soon as it is paid you will be booked in an available time-slot. These fees are to reimburse the school for sterile procedural supplies and include ONE tattoo session only.

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