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Core Principles of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Did you know that the scalp micropigmentation industry is rapidly growing and in need of trained practitioners across the US? Hair loss is a gigantic market and clients are looking for a solution to their hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical, affordable option for the clients (especially in comparison to hair transplant surgeries). The possibilities for a career in SMP are unlimited! 

At first thought, it might seem like it is too niche of a field to focus on, however, the need is big, as there are over eighty million people who struggle with hair loss in the US. Maybe you have already seen many clients already suffering from this condition if you are currently in the barbering or cosmetology field? Perhaps this field is of interest to you because you work with patients who suffer from medical-related hair loss. Do you have experience dealing with this condition personally?  No matter the reason, adding this service to your existing offering, or pursuing it exclusively, the ability to change lives through SMP are really rewarding.

What does your future look like if you go down this path…?  
As a new SMP Practitioner, you will be able to apply techniques that can replicate hair follicles for men who have experienced typical male-patterned baldness. These men typically shave their head to reduce the demarcation line where their hair loss can be seen. Many of your clients have been searching for hair loss cures, such as hair transplantation procedures, hair systems, hair concealment fibers, or resorting to constant hat wearing. SMP can solve this issue with just a few treatments and a well-trained artist who knows how to apply that natural technique. You can be the solution for these clients!Hair loss for women presents challenges that are different from men.  Most women would not consider shaving their heads or constant hat wearing, like their male counterparts.  These women are forced to use concealment fibers every day or wear an uncomfortable wig. Those options are not optimal at the beach or when the client swims or showers though. A more drastic option would be an expensive hair transplant surgery- if they are even a candidate. Imagine the freedom you could give to this client by adding hair follicle replicas to make her hair fuller? She can now live her life without worry, embarrassment or hesitation, because you gave that part of her life back to her!

How rewarding would it be to help a client who struggles with alopecia or post-chemotherapy?

What a rewarding experience! Focusing on the more medical-related hair loss situations, how rewarding would it be to help a client who struggles with Alopecia or post-chemotherapy? Let’s not forget about those clients who have had cranial surgeries who want to conceal their scars?  Let’s not forget about those who have spent countless dollars on failed hair transplants, multiple hair transplant scars, or those who have no more donor hair for additional surgeries to gain coverage? SMP is the answer! SMP can tackle all of these situations and once again, you could be helping clients achieve a better quality of life through the artistic application of SMP. 

So what does it take to become an SMP practitioner?

In most states, the regulations to become an SMP Practitioner are relatively relaxed and require mainly formal training from a reputable school, bloodborne pathogens safety training, and an individual tattoo license. Of course, these regulations will vary from city to city, however, this information is widely available and easy to obtain through local city offices.Hair loss is a very specific field and SMP practitioners should have a very thorough understanding not just of the technique they will perform, but also the emotional state of the clients they encounter. It is important to empathize with clients suffering from hair loss in order to have a thoughtful plan to guide them through the process. Practitioners should also have an in depth understanding of skin anatomy, skin and hair diseases and conditions, hair growth functions, surgical terms / procedures available, medical treatments and drugs for hair loss.  In addition, to be successful, you must be proficient in all aspects of the technical side of SMP. Scalp Micropigmentation is in fact tattooing. It is a specialty form of the art that focuses on HFS (hair follicle simulation) only. While it may seem that this is a simple technique it takes a great deal of skill, practice and control to perform properly. In our SMP Core Training course, you can rely on our years of experience and expertise in both performing procedures and business management, to help guide our students towards a successful future.

Our students get to experience all aspects of the SMP process

Our students get to experience all aspects of the SMP process from consultation, to lectures in theory, safety practices, color and needle theory, skin and hair anatomy, terminology, medical terminology, pre and post-care instructions, client management, photography and documentation, hands-on practice exercises, live model observation and live model procedures. Finally, students also receive continued support and additional education, by visiting our studio to observe, at no charge.

3 reasons to become a SMP artist...

Our SMP Course

A focused, information-packed, hands-on foundational class designed for beginners wanting to enter the field of Scalp Micropigmetation (SMP), or for those want to add to their body art or cosmetic tattoo background. Rather than provide a general overview of SMP, we train our  students in-depth over a longer period of time to teach core basics essential to their future growth. Our curriculum dissects techniques and strategies for proper planning and to encourage critical thinking.  Students are presented with topics to troubleshoot and analyze multiple aspects of the process for a deeper and methodical understanding.

Phase I -
$1999 (39 Hours)

During pre-class study students will learn conditions of the skin, hair loss patterns for both men and women, reasons for hair loss, medical terminology, alternative solutions for hair loss, conducting consultations, candidacy, needle and machine theory, color mixing, aftercare, gain access to proper forms and documentation, consent forms contracts and more. You will also receive two virtual training calls from your trainer to go over materials and prepare for in-person training. 

This portion of training is done at home and accounts for 39 class hours. Students will also complete an appropriate OSHA BBP class during this time (cost is separate). Fees cover access to online curriculum, virtual training calls, and enrollment fee. Additional phases required to complete the Core SMP Program.”

Phase II -
$1950 (45 Hours / 5 Days)

Includes in-person training, machine, manual and large practice kit

During the second phase of training students will apply theory as we dive deeper into:

Students will study male and female hairline shapes and practice drawing them for approval.  Hands-on technique mastery is begun on vegan pads and fruits to strengthen hand-eye coordination skills before working on live models.

Students who show consistency on practice mediums will work on live models under direct supervision of their instructor in an actual treatment room. Students will practice safety protocols and complete their own treatment set up and breakdowns as well as tattoo their own models. While up to six students may be present in any fundamental class only one student will tattoo at a time, per instructor or instructor assistant. Due to the time needed to compete a full SMP procedure students will often share models or compete portions of a procedure. A written test is performed at the end of class. Students must pass the written portion of training with an 80%. or higher.

Phase III -
$1950 (25 – 30 hours)

Fees include monitored distance learning and certificate of completion.

The final phase of training for SMP students is to complete three models (all sessions) immediately after class for approval. Students are encouraged to complete at least one complete density series, one shaved treatment series, and one scar or a second shaved or density series. Written and photo documentation is needed to show the student has properly carried out the SMP procedure as learned. The student has 120 days to complete this phase successfully of which a certificate of completion will be mailed to them.

Inclusions: Students will be given pre-class study materials once enrolled including: Phase One and Two digital manual, OSHA BBP class link (cost not included), proof of BBP training (certificate) upon arrival to class. Class kit and course manual will be provided to students upon arrival to class.

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